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        Shanghai Hongkui Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the economic center Shanghai, after years of special sewing design, R&D and manufacturing experience, it has become a special industrial sewing machinery production enterprise combining R&D, production, sales and service. After years of development, the Company gradually becomes a regular, large-scale and modern enterprise. We take the practical, innovative, tenacious, honest spirit as the corner stone of this Company. We will pave the development road with our own feature and lead the Company to a road of success by taking consolidation / innovation / improvement as our development direction and market as our top priority. We have the ability and faith to provide more and better products to our customers.
        We focus on the production of filter bags. In each link of the filter bags processing, we provide more humanized and automatic processing equipment. In the production process, we make efforts to decrease the labour intensity, reduce the labour cost, enhance the product quality & efficiency and allow our customers have more competitiveness in the market.
        For years, this Company insists the principle of Quality First, Reputation First and Customer First. We never put product selling as our ultimate goal, but follow our customers in a long-term manner; we periodically visit and communicate with them, find out the deficiencies of our products and improve their performance. It helps us win many customers and lays foundation for the performance upgrading of our subsequent products. Meanwhile, we keep the professional business road and design and reform many sewing equipment for many filtering material companies at home and broad. Research and develop many series products with the unique performance, low fault rate, stable operation and good durability, which are well praised by our customers.
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Skype: hksewingmachines MSN: hksewingmachines@hotmail.com Yahoo! ID: hksewingmachines@yahoo.com QQ: 2799721733